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date completed: 2010.01.23

It took three tries to finally get where they wanted to go. The top one was the first attempt. Everyone liked it, but it was too graphic for the purpose of being the logo on the SPI page, so I went back to the proverbial drawing board and come up with rev 2 (the middle image). It was far simpler than the first and was again a crowd pleaser. The only problem with this one was the presence of the Debian swirl in the background. Artistically, it was a very nice touch, and a nod in the direction of the distribution that forms the foundation of sidux, but politically, ... well, I don't need to get into that on an art site, so suffice it to say, the swirl had to go. So for rev 3, I replaced the swirl with a soft expanding shadow (an effect I've been using in a lot of my work recently) and lightened the colours in the font itself so it wasn't so dreary. When I showed rev 3 to them, it was met with an emphatic, "YES" of approval. Never mind the fact that it was nearly identical to what was originally asked for and the fact that it took me three revisions to tone down the "art" to the point where they were happy with it :-P.

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