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date completed: 2010.01.30

This turned out to be a significantly larger adventure than I ever thought it would be. Now, I've done more than one t-shirt design before, but this was the first time I'd been strapped with the condition that I could do what ever I wanted, so long as it was only one colour and only on the front of the shirt. That means the design had to speak on shape alone. This turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected once I really got into it. The first design was well received by the few people I demoed it to, but got shot down by the inner team members due to its overbearing resemblence to the Japanses war flag (apparently the Germans are more sensitive to that subject than I am). No worries though. I churned out the second one on the suggestion of someone in the IRC channel. (I appologize for foregetting your name if you ever happen to read this). Design 4 was a suggestion from another IRC member. Design 3 was what I originally did with that suggestion before figuring I should probably do up what they asked for. Designs 5 & 6 have the exact same story as 3 and 4. For some reason, I have to really try to get myself to just do what people ask instead of taking a lot of liberties with their approach. Designs 7, 8, & 9 were the direct results of feedback from 6, thus their being nearly indistinguishable from eachother. And just about as I had given up all hope on actually liking any of them, design 10 hit me. Don't konw where it came from, but I can safely say that it's a direct result of my love for sidux and the surrounding community. In the end, design 10 was by far my favourite and after a vote of the sidux e.V. members, designs 6 & 10 were chosen for production to be sold at the conventions the e.V. attends. Maybe, one of these years, I'll be able to make it to one.

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