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date completed: 2010.02.15

Final Inkscape Image:


It took me a while to come up with a concept for the image. The best sidux backgrounds have all been moderately abstract, but I wanted to tell a story with an image, so I took to the internet to scrounge for inspiration. I don't know what struck me about the image of the girl, but the hair was what became the central piece of the work. It may not be immediately obvious, but the "swish" in the background of the wallpaper is derived from her hair. The "story" (if I can use that term so loosely in this case) is a girl, waking up to discover fred (the scorpion) next to her (thus the shadow on the hair) and turning away quickly (thus the wooshing nature of the hair).

I'm really happy with the way the final image came out. For a first contribution, I couldn't be prouder. I look forward to doing many more release works with the sidux team!

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